The maximum tidal range in the bay is normally 1.1 m (3’06”), but the height of tide is much affected by wind conditions. In strong SE winds it may be increased by up to 0.6 m (2′) and in strong NE winds, the low water may be as much as 0.3 m (1′) below.
The currents near the terminals are negligible, but in Vela Vrata the S-going current may attain a velocity of 4 knots during strong NE winds. Winds from NE and SE prevail. During the winter season NE winds Bora can reach hurricane force; SE winds may form waves of up to 3 m in Rijeka Bay.

Coal and iron ore are being handled at the Bakar ore/coal terminal, situated in the Bay of Bakar, some 8 NM ESE of Rijeka, and is an integral part of Rijeka port. One berth is available for discharging coal and iron ore named “Podbok Bakar”. Bakar coal & iron ore berth restrictions:

Max permitted LOA: 300 m
Max arrival draft (SW): 17,5 m
Max beam: No restriction
Air draft: No restriction
Minimum available depth at berth: 18 m
Max outreach of shore crane: 46 m
Max distance wlttohc: 16 m
Tide difference: 0,5 – 1,2 m
Water density: 1.024-1.027
Berthing/unberthing: No restriction

TANKER Bakar basin, four jetties for tankers loading derivatives. The name of terminal is “INA-Bakar Oil Terminal” with following restrictions:

Max LOA: 200 m
Max draft (SW): 9,5 m alongside
Max draft (SW): 9,5 m when berthed by stern dropping both anchors
Max DWT: 45.000 MT.
Water density: 1.024-1.027
Max beam: No restriction
Air draft: No restriction

Name of loading terminal at Rijeka is “INA–Srscica LPG terminal” which is accepting vessels with:

Max LOA: 115 m.
Max draft (SW): 9,00 m.
Water density: 1.024-1.027

There is a possibility to discharge clean ballast/slop from tankers at Rijeka-INA Bakar oil terminal, at the following subjects:

– Vessel has to declare information of intended quantity of ballast/slop for discharging 72 hrs prior arrival Rijeka.
– subject shippers/terminal approval.
– providing tanker is fixed for loading/discharging at Rijeka-INA Bakar oil terminal.
– providing that upon analysis ballast is acceptable to the terminal.

Terminal is having ballast/slop tank with capacity of about 2000 mts.