KB Namdal Delivery in Tehnomont

On 28.08.2016 loading of 24 m service vessel for fish-farming industry, NB 100 named “KB Namdal”, took place at Pula anchorage near Tehnomont shipyard.
In collaboration with our colleagues from Bandic Maritime, Eldmarc rendered local agency services to heavy lifter Mv HHL Nile which loaded “KB Namdal” at anchorage Pula for her final destination in Norway.

The vessel continues sequence of 24 m service ships that Tehnomont builds for Norwegian customer Moen Marin AS, but this one is particular regarding high volume of specific equipment. Namely the vessel has ROV (small submarine) controlled from bridge, hydraulic gear for repair of mooring ropes needed for anchorage of cages (Fiber Rope Lock and Plat Holder), air compressors and system for divers bottles and other specific equipment for fish-farming industry.
Couple of pictures of our attendance in Pula (more photos you can find on our page at Google+):



Project Mose started

After execution of international tender, the Italian architectural-construction consortium “Venezia Nuova“ selected the offer of Brodosplit as the best builder for 41 steel gate and additional 22 as the most favorable. Thus Brodosplit will deliver total of 63 gates out of envisaged 78 gates by the project, and remain forever registered as one of the companies that participated in one of the largest construction projects in the Italian history and contributed in salvation of Venice from huge problems caused by tide.

Brodosplit delivers flood gates with dimensions 27-30 x 20 meters, 4.5-5 height, and 300 tons of weight, that consist of 20,000 tons of built-in steel and with total value of over 70 million €, including work and logistics.

One gate will be delivered by today’s loading, and as of August each ten days three gates will be serially delivered at a time by loading them on a barge and transporting them to the mouth where they will be installed. According to the Contract concluded with the Investor, 12 gates are currently fully completed and ready for delivery, while at the same time some 30 gates are in various stages of production.

Source Brodosplit

Croatia’s 1st FLNG Terminal

03.03.2016 – The Croatian Government is looking into a floating LNG terminal as the country wants to speed up its efforts on construction of an LNG terminal in the Northern Adriatic sea which has been long overdue.

A floating LNG terminal would reduce the construction costs and take only two years to bring to fruition, instead of at least five years it is required now to construct the terminal on the island of Krk, First Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia, Tomislav Karamarko told US Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, Amos J Hochstein.

LNGCroatia’s first LNG import terminal, currently being reviewed by the European Investment Bank, is supposed to have a throughput capacity of 6 Gm3/year and will include a tanker jetty to accommodate the LNG carriers, 2 LNG storage tanks with a total storage capacity of up to 360 000 m3 LNG, vaporisers and ancillary equipment.

EIB is considering to finance approximately EUR 339 million, from the total cost set at EUR 678 million.

The final scope and exact costs are expected to be defined at a later stage.

According to Karamarko, there is a need to make the project a priority and speed things up as the previous government was inefficient in making key decisions necessary for the construction of the LNG terminal.

Hocshtein promised the US support in the construction of the gas transportation system required for the integration of the LNG terminal in Croatia’s existing power network, stressing that the LNG project is of mutual interest.

The LNG Krk is classified as a project of common interest (PCI) and included in the top priority list under the Central and South-Eastern European Gas Connectivity initiative (CESEC). The project would help to meet the security of supply objectives of the European Union.

Source World Maritime News

Uljanik Builds Cruise Ship For Scenic

Croatia-based shipbuilder Uljanik confirmed that it signed a contract for the construction of a luxury cruise ship in Pula’s shipyard with the Australian company Scenic in November of 2015.
The cruise ship will be able to accommodate up to 240 passengers and 172 crew members. The vessel, scheduled to be delivered to its owner by 2018, will be 165.70m long and 21.50m width, and will resemble a yacht.

Uljanik also said it launched a tanker constructed for the Spanish company Marflet Marine at its 3. MAJ shipyard on January 29, 2016.

The vessel, named Panagia Thalassini, was released by Ana Tišlerić, an employee in the position of a constructor – project engineer.
Featuring a length of 182.9m, width of 32.2m and deadweight of 41,370 tonnes, Panagia Thalassini will transport crude oil, oil products and chemicals.

Source World Maritime News

Eldmarc with Fagioli S.p.A. in Brodosplit

On 31st October 2015 Fagioli S.p.A. specialists started with loading of most demanding part of ship’s hull that includes bulbous bow, bow structure with three built-in bow-thrusters, few ballast tanks and hull structure consisting of several decks with built-in equipment. Blocks were loaded on barge Mak which was towed in Brodosplit Shipyard by tug Puma.

Eldmarc was appointed by Fagioli S.p.A. to manage all port services and coordinate all activities enabling smooth operations.

On 5th November four built blocks were loaded and towed to Monfalcone Shipyard where they will be assembled on the ship built in dry dock.

Below are few images during loading

This is the third project for Brodosplit Shipyard, that contracted building of bow hull sections with Fincantieri Group, one of the largest shipbuilding groups in the world. By these projects Brodosplit proved quality and established excellent collaboration with its Adriatic neighbor. In this way Brodosplit Shipyard became equal business partner of Fincantieri Group in joint building of luxury passenger cruisers.