Eldmarc Ltd is a company focused on services in the maritime business, but not limited. Over the years, we have created an enviable number of excellent interpersonal relationships with phenomenal people and a network of reliable partners. Today, our quality standard is based on experience and people with the common goal of putting the client first. We are here to advise you, not just inform you.


We're living in times where we are drowning in information, but we're all starving for wisdom. Information is what we all have, and wisdom is what experience brings. We at Eldmarc are here to make your journey easier. In just a few words and small pictures, why Eldmarc?

Our services

“We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. It takes time,... but we get paid for the value, not the time.”

Port agency

When you want to be sure that all services related to your crew and ship are in good hands in any of the Croatian ports, Eldmarc offers protecting services to enable a smooth stay of the vessel and prevent your potential problems.


We all know how important it is to make the most of the ship's time in port for all husbandry services with the most economical solutions. After thousands of successful husbandry services, we can say with certainty that it will be very difficult for you to surprise us with a request that we have not successfully completed in the past.

Supply chain

In accordance with contemporary global retail standards, we can provide vessels with supply in any of Croatian ports and islands. Throw our network we can secure timely and efficient deliveries or enable the smooth delivery of your goods knowing the local regulations.


We can supply marine fuels, gas oil and lubricants with the best quality anytime and anywhere in Croatia. Service includes coordination and communication with the supplier and relevant port authorities, port entry permits, and customs clearance documentation.


In the current days of globalization we can offer your business a one stop solution to all transport needs. Eldmarc will offer you combined transport solutions tailored to your needs using of the strengths of different transport operators from sea, air, rail to truck transport area.


Through many years of experience, today we can say that we know the best way to solve your problem or we know those who can help you with the quality of service according to the Eldmarc standard.

Eldmarc shipping agency

Eldmarc shipping agency can and will deliver as your partner with the utmost security and integrity in the most challenging situations your business may need!

In a world that is changing and shifting faster than ever before cost-effective solutions and know-how is a key factors for success.

We are based in the city of Rijeka which is the center of Maritime services in Croatia.
We offer a wide range of services from Port Shipping Agency and Chartering to Project Logistic Solutions.

Our team comprises of reputable professionals with multi-annual experience, especially in ship agency services. After countless crew changes, various transport arrangements, thousands of spares delivered, and numerous provisions and bunker supplies managed, we can safely say that we represent the best shipping agent in Croatia. The aforementioned experience and the know-how of the sector is the key that differentiates Eldmarc Maritime Services from the competition and provides the necessary client confidence.



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    IHC and Uljanik Contract

    March 4th, 2014 Representatives of IHC Global Production B.V. and ULJANIK d.d. signed a contract for the construction of one self-propelled cutter suction dredger, on February 28 in the Netherlands.   The installed power of the vessel will correspond to 23,684 kW, the length of the vessel will be 152 m and the width 28 m. The delivery of the vessel is scheduled for April 2016 and the vessel will be constructed in ULJANIK Brodogradilište d.d.   Source: World Maritime News

    Expressions of Interest for Zagreb Container Terminal

    One of the cardinal sins in the introduction of new port capacity is to deliver it before it is required. All the more so, if government has previously encouraged foreign direct investment into the same sector and it is clear that this has delivered adequate capacity for the long term. The net result of this is the undermining of the original investment and its prospects of fair returns; the delivery into the marketplace of excess capacity which negatively impacts pricing; and – probably most damaging of all – sending out a signal to potential sources of FDI worldwide that the government will not necessarily act in the best interest of investors. Investor 1 basically becomes forgotten in the pursuit of the next tranche of money. A good example of this type of situation is in Rijeka, Croatia where the government has recently launched a call for Expressions of Interest for its Zagreb Container Terminal. This project follows hot on the heels of the recent completion of an extensive investment program at the Brajdica Terminal Container Terminal, Rijeka, where the port authority has added a new deep water quay and related infrastructure, with an investment value of approximately E35m. Image: Zagreb Quay scheme International ConZagreb Quaytainer Terminal Services Inc, the newly appointed concession holder, has invested a further E30m in new ship-to-shore cranes, rubber-tyred gantries for yard operations, rail mounted gantries for intermodal rail operations and extensive terminal operating and other IT systems. In 2013, total container throughput at the terminal was in the order of 131,000 TEU and the terminal’s fully developed throughput capability is 750,000 TEU per annum. With traffic now only increasing annually on a single digit basis in Rijeka it is clear that the introduction of a new container terminal platform will not be appropriate for many years to come. Further, the launch of the Zagreb Container Terminal project has a double irony to it in that container capacity in the Rijeka area is designed mainly to provide easy access to the Central and South East European countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Southern Austria, Germany and Serbia, but while the roads are generally excellent in this respect the government has lagged behind in delivering on promises to upgrade the rail system to facilitate intermodal rail operations. Block train services to Budapest and Belgrade have started to operate from the Brajdica Terminal and track upgrades are underway to ensure the competitive position of intermodal rail services from/to Rijeka. The commencement of third party private rail operators is underway but it is essential this process is fast-tracked as prescribed under EU law. Blinkered view Part of the problem with the proposed delivery of the Zagreb Container Terminal appears to be that it is taking place in the context of the World Bank backed Rijeka Gateway Project, a program which has seen the institutional reform of the Port Authority of Rijeka in line with the landlord model and which in an infrastructure context basically aims to remodel the port-city of Rijeka. The Zagreb Container Terminal is part of this program and its proposed development appears to be proceeding according to a timetable that takes no account of recent market developments and realities. Any new market study would inevitably suggest the need for a rethink in terms of this project’s timing. This, in turn, would avoid the unnecessary expenditure of tens of millions of Euros in basic infrastructure provision and at the same time have the major asset of proving that the Croatian Government is responsible in how it treats its foreign investors. Given that Croatia, out of all the South East European countries, has been the country most seriously hit by the financial crisis in terms of FDI flows – it fell from $6bn in 2008 to $432m in 2010 – the country has every incentive to work on promoting its image regarding the successful realization of FDI projects. Undertaking the right studies to schedule projects is clearly an essential part of this. Source: Port Strategy