After execution of international tender, the Italian architectural-construction consortium “Venezia Nuova“ selected the offer of Brodosplit as the best builder for 41 steel gate and additional 22 as the most favorable. Thus Brodosplit will deliver total of 63 gates out of envisaged 78 gates by the project, and remain forever registered as one of the companies that participated in one of the largest construction projects in the Italian history and contributed in salvation of Venice from huge problems caused by tide.

Brodosplit delivers flood gates with dimensions 27-30 x 20 meters, 4.5-5 height, and 300 tons of weight, that consist of 20,000 tons of built-in steel and with total value of over 70 million €, including work and logistics.

One gate will be delivered by today’s loading, and as of August each ten days three gates will be serially delivered at a time by loading them on a barge and transporting them to the mouth where they will be installed. According to the Contract concluded with the Investor, 12 gates are currently fully completed and ready for delivery, while at the same time some 30 gates are in various stages of production.

Source Brodosplit