Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Foreign Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija said on Monday that the terms for the use of the Croatian seaport of Ploce by Bosnia and Herzegovina after Croatia’s European Union entry on 1 July had been precisely defined at a trilateral meeting he held with EU Commissioner Stefan Fuele and his Croatian counterpart Vesna Pusic in Brussels on Friday.

Lagumdzija told a news conference in Sarajevo that the Brussels meeting also removed any doubts about the regime of the goods transport from Bosnia and Herzegovina to its only coastal town of Neum after Croatia’s admission to the EU.

The Bosnian minister expressed satisfaction with agreement reached at the 15 February meeting regarding the use of the port of Ploce for the export and import of industrial goods from and to Bosnia and Herzegovina under the same conditions as before. There will be certain restrictions for the products of the herbal and animal origin.

Upon their trilateral meeting Enlargement Commissioner Fuele issued a press release in which he expressed satisfaction with the progress and “the constructive spirit” at the meeting.

According to that press release “the Commission proposes a special transit regime for exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina through the Croatian Ploce port. Thanks to this special regime, vast majority of export and import of agricultural products of animal origin will continue as before entry of Croatia to the EU. This regime will be applicable from 1 July 2013 until Bosnia and Herzegovina itself meets the EU standards. The list as it will stand on 1 July can be further amended on a case by case basis, based on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s evolving trade needs.”

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