COVID-19 measures in force in Croatian ports and shipyards:

  • The vessels need to comply with the usual pre-arrival formalities/requests advised by the appointed agent.
  • The crew must remain on board during the vessel’s stay in the port or the shipyard.
  • The authorities will board the ship for entry/exit formalities.
  • The contact with the ship will be kept to a minimum.
  • Immigration approval must be received in advance.
    The crew change is allowed for the crew from the EU and Schengen zone. The crew from other countries with the valid Schengen multiple entry visa are only allowed to transit and leave Croatia within 12 hours. The hotel accommodation for non-EU citizens is not allowed. The entrance into the next country for off signers must be approved as well.
  • Obtaining of a Croatian transit visa for off signers is subject to immigration approval. For joiners, VOA is not obtainable.
  • The agent needs to receive in advance the following scans of crew members scheduled for the crew change:
    – Passport
    – Seaman’s book
    – Arrival and departure flight details
  • The on signers must have a document showing the reason for entering Croatia or the agency LOI. The document must be shown to the immigration officer if requested.
  • The crew who embarked from COVID-19 high-risk countries must remain on board 14 days from the day of embarkation.
  • Shore leave is not permitted.
  • General recommendations and instructions of the Croatian Institute of Public Health should be followed