Within the preparation for access to the Schengen area, the EU and the MFA require the Ministry of Interior Affairs to take measures to reduce the number of issued visas at the border.
Schengen practice permits the issuance of visas at the border crossing, but only under exceptional circumstances in which seafarers must urgently travel to the Republic of Croatia and cannot obtain a visa in time.

In practice, this means that joiner’s which are not holding Schengen uniform visa (C) for two or multiple entries, must obtain Croatian visa at consular offices of the Republic of Croatia (Embassy, Consulate) in their respective countries.
The following procedure is established:

1. Maritime Agency submits to the seafarer a Letter of Invitation (no original required).
2. Seaman must request a visa at the Consular Representation of the Republic of Croatia or in the Visas Center, and present:

– Visa application form completed and signed (http://www.mvep.hr/en/consular-information/visas/forms/visa-application/).
– Valid passport.
– Portrait photo 35 x 45 mm.
– Proof of visa payment.
– Agency Letter of Invitation.
– Proof of seafarers’ professional status (Seaman’s book).
– Proof of travel (airline ticket). No proof of travel health insurance is required.
A one-year visa may be issued to seafarers who have issued at least two Croatian or shingle visas in the last two years. A double-entry visa is issued with a validity period of fewer than 6 months.

Exceptionally, in case the seafarer is traveling from a country where the Republic of Croatia does not have consular representation, a visa can be issued at the arrival airport. In that case, the agent must explain the reasons for submitting the visa application at the border crossing.
More details can be found at http://www.mvep.hr/en/consular-information/visas/visa-requirements-overview.

For off signers under visa regime, everything remains the same. We need passport copy and minimum two days’ notice to make all formalities timely.

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