Eldmarc’s cruises division offers a professional efficient service for the most discerning corporate or individual client needs.

We offer a one stop tailor-made service for the entire Adriatic Coast from Monte Negro and Croatia to Slovenia.
We are at your disposal to offer the best smoothest assistance for the following services but always willing to talk about your individual needs:

a) Agency network covering all parts of Croatia
b) Berthing arrangements
c) Paperwork / Formalities
d) Cruising, Custom and Immigration procedures
e) Chartering
f) Itinerary planning
g) Bunker supply
h) Technical Services, Refit & repairs
i) Communication and office services
j) Provisions, Wines and Spirits, fresh Fish Supply
k) Travel Arrangements – Excursions
l) Car Hire / Minibus / Limousine services
m) Flower arrangements
n) Divers – Scuba team
o) Massage on board
p) Security Guards
r) Laundry and dry cleaning
s) Private air charter ; Jet and helicopter rental
t) Medical assistance
u) Worldwide Courier services
v) Bank Transaction
w) VIP Concierge services
x) On board and shore side Entertainment
y) Hotel and travel arrangements of passengers