Date, 04.01.2022 The necessary epidemiological measure of self-isolation is automatically determined for all passengers in transit, including personnel in the transport sector, if they do not leave the Republic of Croatia within 12 hours from the moment of entering the Republic of Croatia. Passengers travelling to the Republic of Croatia from an EU / EEA member state Passengers coming directly from the countries and/or regions of the European Union, i.e. countries

COVID-19 measures in force in Croatian ports and shipyards: The vessels need to comply with the usual pre-arrival formalities/requests advised by the appointed agent. The crew must remain on board during the vessel’s stay in the port or the shipyard. The authorities will board the ship for entry/exit formalities. The contact with the ship will be kept to a minimum. Immigration approval must be received in advance. The crew change

The crew members under the Croatian visa regime, and without a valid Schengen multiple entry visa, we need to approach to immigration authorities requesting a Croatian transit visa. The issuing process may take 3-5 working days. Crew change for the foreign crew members which are not under the Croatian visa regime or holding a valid Schengen multiple entry visa is allowed under the following conditions: – The crew change must

Date, 15.04.2020 Croatia is acting following the EU Healthy Gateways advice. Reporting requirements: 1. In addition to the standard reporting requirements before a ship’s arrival, the ship’s master via agent shall communicate to the Croatian Maritime Administration and Sanitary Inspection a list of persons on board containing information on dates and ports of embarkation (refer to the form requested above). 2. National VTS service is monitoring movements of all ships

It is prohibited for ships in international navigation that have the obligation of self-isolation or quarantine to enter in any of the ports in the Republic of Croatia. The exceptions to this decision are: – all ships of Croatian nationality – all ships sailing in the Republic of Croatia for the transport of goods – passenger ships without passengers arriving in the Republic of Croatia for lay up – all

Mv Zhen Hua 7 arrived in Ploce on 25.12.2018 with equipment for building the Peljesac Bridge. “Ship about 240 meters long. There are four smaller ships on it for construction. One of them is the largest drilling rig in the world, “said Zhang Dong, representative of CRBC. ” We also have two test pilots. One is 130 meters long. This is the longest in the world. We have another fifteen

COSCO owns the third largest shipping fleet in the world and currently does business with the Port of Rijeka where it has been present since 2009 as well as Slovenia’s Koper port for freight transport to central European countries. In 2016, COSCO bought a majority ownership package in the Greek Port of Piraeus which has become the company’s main Mediterranean hub for freight transport. Smaller ships then transport freight containers

According to local media, the tanker smashed into the dock causing a portion of the quay wall and the unloading infrastructure to fall into the sea and sink. The vessel in question has been identified as STI Poplar, a Marshall Islands-flagged oil/chemical tanker built in 2014. Based on the vessel’s latest AIS data from Marine Traffic, it is anchored in the Croatian port, where it arrived from Sarroch, Italy on August

Within the preparation for access to the Schengen area, the EU and the MFA require the Ministry of Interior Affairs to take measures to reduce the number of issued visas at the border. Schengen practice permits the issuance of visas at the border crossing, but only under exceptional circumstances in which seafarers must urgently travel to the Republic of Croatia and cannot obtain a visa in time. In practice, this

Under the terms of the contract, USS Mount Whitney will undergo the 3rd stage of its scheduled life-cycle maintenance to extend the life of this 1970s era command ship till 2039. A long-term relationship between the US Navy and Viktor Lenac Shipyard began in 1993 when the United States Department of Defense – Department of the Navy and Viktor Lenac Shipyard signed the Master Agreement for Repair and Alteration of

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