On June 12 the Port of Ploce Authority held presentation of the EU project Adriatic Port Community (APC) and the Port Community System (PCS) to the representatives of all stakeholders in the port community.

More than 50 representatives of port operators, customs, border police, railway operator, maritime agents, forwarders, control companies, as well as representatives of the Town and Dubrovnik-Neretva County were acquainted with the two development projects implemented by the Port of Ploce Authority. The APC project is being developed under the IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation Programme with participation of, besides the Port of Ploce Authority, the Port of Venice Authority as a leading partner, the Port of Igoumenitsa Authority in Greece, Technological Educational Institute of Epirus and the National Technical University of Athens. After realization, the project will enable the exchange of selected port information from the three ports via Single Window information portal.

At this point, the Port of Ploce Authority is the only state port authority involved in an EU project as an equal partner. The importance of the APC is manifold. It allows the inclusion of the port of Ploce in the cooperation processes with other Adriatic and Mediterranean ports and gaining of experience for other EU projects, which includes future creation of own project proposals. In addition, it confirms the correctness of the decision on development of the PCS, the port community system project which is under realization and which is complementary to the APC project.

The APC project duration is 25 months and it should be completed by the end of March 2013. The total project budget amounts to more than 2,5 million EUR, of which 85% is financed from the budget of this EU project. The Port Community System (PCS) was also presented, and this project will be fully implemented in the port of Ploce by the end of this year. This project is managed and financed by the Port of Ploce Authority under the TTI port development programme, who recognized the need for the improvement of the flow of information and documents in the port of Ploce via the ICT technologies. This will accelerate the port processes, reduce the number of paper documents, improve the efficiency of the port, and generally improve the competitiveness of the port of Ploce.
A consortium of firms Actual IT from Slovenia and Croatian firm S&T Croatia, as the project contractor used this occasion to demonstrate the module that refers to the liquid cargo processes so that all stakeholders see the intended operating mode after the PCS is implemented.

The port of Ploce PCS project is highly complex and demanded project with a lot of challenges and obstacles, and also an opportunity for the port of Ploce to be the first, and so far the only Croatian port with the information system that includes operations with all types of cargo in the port.

sourced by Port of Ploce Authority