The maximum tidal range in the bay is normally 1.1 m (3’06”), but the height of the tide is much affected by wind conditions. In strong SE winds, it may be increased by up to 0.6 m (2′) and in strong NE winds, the low water may be as much as 0.3 m (1′) below.
The currents near the terminals are negligible, but in Vela Vrata the S-going current may attain a velocity of 4 knots during strong NE winds. Winds from NE and SE prevail. During the winter season NE winds Bora can reach hurricane force; SE winds may form waves of up to 3 m in Rijeka Bay.

Coal and iron ore are being handled at the Bakar ore/coal terminal, situated in the Bay of Bakar, some 8 NM ESE of Rijeka, and is an integral part of Rijeka port. One berth is available for discharging coal and iron ore named “Podbok Bakar”. Bakar coal & iron ore berth restrictions:

Max permitted LOA: 300 m
Max arrival draft (SW): 17,5 m
Max beam: No restriction
Air draft: No restriction
Minimum available depth at berth: 18 m
Max outreach of shore crane: 46 m
Max distance wlttohc: 16 m
Tide difference: 0,5 – 1,2 m
Water density: 1.024-1.027
Berthing/unberthing: No restriction

Cargo is being discharged by one “Pacheco” and one “Samsung” unloader. Cargo is discharged into open storage.
Average discharging rates:

– Iron ore: 3.000 t/h
– Coal: 2.100 t/h

Tanker Bakar basin, four jetties for tankers loading derivatives. The name of the terminal is “INA-Bakar Oil Terminal” with the following restrictions:

1. Berthing by stern dropping both anchors (berth N° 3)
Max LOA: 200 m

Max draft (SW): 10,5 m
Max DWT: 45.000 MT
Must be fitted with stern connection (stern line fitted and in good working order)
Must have derrick on the stern at least SWL 2-3 mt to lift the flexible hose.
Minimum tug requirements: 2

Terminal uses flexible hoses 10” diameter (ANSI class 150), VRL 6” (ANSI class 150)
– Inerting of tanks as per international regulations
– Open hatch sampling – allowed at vessel’s risk and all safety measures provided by the vessel

2. Berthing alongside (berths N°5 & N° 7)
Max LOA: 180 m
Max draft (SW): 9,5 m
If LOA is over 120 m, max draft (SW) is 9,0 m.
Max DWT: 25.000 MT Water density: 1.024-1.027
Max beam: No restriction
Air draft: No restriction

Terminal uses flexible hoses 4’’, 6” and 8” diameter (ANSI class 150), VRL 6” (ANSI class 150)
– Loading arms 6 ’’ and 10 ’’ diameter ( berth NO. 5 ) with VRL
– Inerting of tanks as per international regulations
– Open hatch sampling – allowed at vessel’s risk and all safety measures provided by the vessel

Bakar SrscicaName of loading terminal at Rijeka is Srscica, which is accepting vessels with:

Max LOA: 125 m.
Max draft (SW): 9,00 m.
UKC: 1 m
Water density: 1.024-1.027
Tug requirements:
– 1 for berthing
– 2 if bow thruster is not operational
– 1 for unberthing
Loading arms: 8” “(ANSI class 300) / liquid line 3” (ANSI class 300).

Additional Information for INA tanker and LPG terminal

– Bunkering is available at the Bakar terminal when the vessel is alongside on berths no. 5 & 7 – Residual
Marine Fuels (FRME 180) and Diesel Fuels are available. The request should be sent a minimum of 48 hours before arrival.
– Garbage disposal is compulsory and is available via garbage boat arranged and organized by the appointed agent.
– The supply of fresh water is available at Bakar and Sršćica and must be announced in advance by ship’s agent 48 hours before the vessel’s arrival. The vessel must arrange water hoses with the appropriate length.
– Oily waters (slop) discharge available only if prior organized and agreed with Terminal via the agent.
– Handling of vessel’s store and provision is not permitted during cargo transfer operations unless approved by Terminal and Master.
– Provision and store supply at berth no. 3 must be arranged via a service boat by ship’s agent and approved by the terminal.