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General informations

Crude oil

Crude oil tanks capacity:
- eleven tanks with a capacity of 80,000 m3
- five tanks with a capacity of 72,000 m3
- four tanks with a capacity of 40,000 m3

Total tanks capacity = 1 400 000 m3


Oil derivates tanks capacity:
- one tank with a capacity of 20,000 m3
- one tank with a capacity of 15,000 m3
- four tanks with a capacity of 10,000 m3
- one tank with a capacity of 5,000 m3

Total tanks capacity = 80 000 m3 m3


The JANAF oil pipeline and storage system was built as an international crude oil transportation system from the Omisalj Terminal to both local and foreign refineries in South Eastern and Central Europe.

Capacity: 34 mtpa.
Length: 622 kilometers.
Diameter: 20 inches, 26 inches, 36 inches, 28 inches.


The Omišalj terminal is located on the northern side of the island of Krk near the town of Omisalj and is used to receive, store and ship crude oil and oil derivatives. The Omisalj Terminal area includes two berths for receiving and shipping tankers with crude oil or oil derivatives and associated equipment.

Depth outside Omisalj bay is approximately  55 m, inside bay 30 m with mud and rocks bottom, width at the entrance to bay approximately 700 m. The port of Omisalj is approached by Vela Vrata, the main channel, which connects Kvarner Bay with the Bay of Rijeka. A Traffic Separation Scheme has been established in Vela Vrata.

Large tankers proceed from Vela Vrata to the N part of Rijeka Bay, making a large turn before steering for Omisalj inlet.
Chemical tankers and gas carriers may follow a more direct route for the entrance to Sepen Bay.
The approach channels to both terminals are marked by lights and light buoys.

JANAF oil terminal is well sheltered. Two T-shaped steel platforms every 127 m long fitted with fenders and sliding hooks and equipped with four 16″ unloading arms for discharging crude oil.

Distance between each pier: 370 m.
Height of platforms: 7.35 m above MSL.
Minimum depth alongside: 29 m.
Maximum draft: 27 m.
Maximum DWT: 350.000.

Each berth equipped with four 16″ cargo arms connected to a 42″ pipeline. The discharge rate is 10.000 t/h. Employment of fire fighting tugs during operations is compulsory.
A gangway with an adjustable ladder is provided by the terminal.
A revolving crane of 2 t SWL is mounted on the top of the gangway tower.

According to JANAF rules, the vessel is bound to discharge her cargo within 30 running hours (36 hrs if performing COW) weather permitting otherwise the tanker is to pay berthage and fire fighting tugs.
Allowed time is counted from first-line moored till the last line unmoored.

The maximum tidal range in the bay is normally 1.1 m (3’06”), but the height of the tide is much affected by wind conditions. In strong SE winds, it may be increased by up to 0.6 m (2′) and in strong NE winds, the low water may be as much as 0.3 m (1′) below.

The currents near the terminals are negligible, but in Vela Vrata the S-going current may attain a velocity of 4 knots during strong NE winds.
Winds from NE and SE prevail. During the winter season NE winds Bora can reach hurricane force; SE winds may form waves of up to 3 m in Rijeka Bay.

Omisalj | Janaf Terminal


An area with depths of 54 to 62 m is enclosed by the following points:
a) 45°14’1 N ; 14°29’4 E
b) 45°15’1 N ; 14°27’1 E
c) 45°17’8 N ; 14°28’0 E
d) 45°16’1 N ; 14°31’8 E

For vessels carrying liquefied gas anchorage place is in radius 1,5 NM from position 45°11,1’N ; 14°28,7’E. The bottom is muddy and the holding ground fairly good. However, during NE strong gales (in winter) vessels may be forced to leave this anchorage and seek shelter under the lee of Krk Island.

Pilot is on VHF CH 16/9. Boarding position is about 6 miles NE of Point Jablanac. However, tanker over 200.000 DWT may be boarded on request in the North part of Kvarner, approximately 5 miles SSW of Point Prestenice light.

port of omisalj

Port of omisalj

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