Latitude: 45°07’45 N
Longitude: 14°11’23 E
Admiralty Chart: 2719
Admiralty Pilot: 47
Time Zone: GMT +1 h
Locode: HR PLM

Port of Rijeka anchorage is used for anchoring vessels scheduled to call Plomin port.
Depth is from 30 – 50 m, muddy bottom. However, during NNE gales (in winter) a vessel could be forced to leave anchorage and seek shelter under the lee of the nearby island Krk.
Cargo vessels with non-dangerous cargo may anchor in an area limited by:

West anchorage:

a) 45° 20,0′ N; 14° 22,7′ E
b) 45° 19,5′ N; 14° 24,6′ E
c) 45° 17,1′ N; 14° 21,3′ E
d) 45° 17,5′ N; 14° 20,0′ E

East anchorage:

a) 45° 19,3′ N; 14° 25,3′ E
b) 45° 18,4′ N; 14° 28,5′ E
c) 45° 15,1′ N; 14° 27,1′ E
d) 45° 16,4′ N; 14° 23,2′ E

Plomin port harbor pilotage (Istrapilot, Capt. Kalogjera +386 98 254355) is compulsory for vessels over 500 GT, from the entrance of the channel to the berth. Pilot taken on 44°55’N 14°06’E, depth 51 m.

Plomin Pristan

Vessels are berthed with starboard alongside. Sailing is allowed during daylight only. Berthing is not available in case wind speed exceed 10m/sec. Vessels are entering Plomin channel by stern.

Max LOA at port of Plomin is not limited providing max length between fore part of first hatch and last part of last hatch is within limits of shore unloader’s trackway of 175 m. Draft 13,2 m, depth 15 m, beam 32,25 m. Vessel discharging coal at Plomin port should be gearless and without any obstruction on deck, hatch covers to be sliding aside type, maximum distance from tank top to highest top of of hatch cover in open position is 20,75 m, recommended vessel with 7 hatch openings 16,8×14,4 m.

Coal discharge is to be stopped if wind is more than 20 m/s.

About 240.000 Ts.

Unloader (SIWERTELL) cap 1.200 T/hour (average 650 T/hour, 60.000 t in 95 hrs).
Max outreach 32 m, clearance above water line 21 m, running area 175 m.

One 210,2 x 20 M concrete berth (1,6 NM from bay entrance) for discharging coal, 3,5 M high, depth 15 m (berthing starboard side)

Compulsory (4 in, 2 out from Rijeka port).