Latitude: 44° 07′ N
Longitude: 15° 14′ E
British Admirality Chart: 2775
Admiralty Pilot: 47
Time Zone: GMT + 1 h
Locode: HR ZAD

OLD PORT: Well sheltered harbour, easy access, with 7.01 m depth at entrance, which is 70 m wide between Zadar Peninsula and the breakwater.

GAZENICA COMMERCIAL PORT: 2,5 miles S of Zadar. A 5 cable long and 80 m wide approach channel leads from Zadarski Kanal to the berths in Gazenica deep water port. A light buoy moored 5 cables SE of Point Kolovare marks the N side of the channel. On its S side, 7 cables SSE of Point Kolovare, lies an unmarked rock with a depth of 8.2 m (27′) over it.

About 0,5 mile. 245° from green port light on the North part of Zadar peninsula, depth 27 – 37 m.
Separate anchorage for tankers carrying dangerous cargo in area limited by points:

a) 44° 07’2 N ; 15° 09’4 E
b) 44° 07’8 N ; 15° 10’4 E
c) 44° 08’6 N ; 15° 09’4 E
d) 44° 08’0 N ; 15° 08’4 E

Compulsory for all vessels over 500 GT (yachts over 1000 GT).
Pilot board approaching vessels at anchorage, about 5 cables W of the green light at the W entrance point to Zadar old port, or at the separate anchorage for tankers carrying dangerous cargo. Pilot is on VHF channel 12/16.

Is compulsory for tankers carrying dangerous liquid chemicals and gas. When calling Zadar coastal pilot boards/leaves the vessel at the following position: 44°23’3 N – 14°34’5 E (near Grujica lighthouse) The ship’s agent must advise the Harbor Master in due time regarding the ETA as well as the ETS. In this respect it is requested 24-hours ETA at pilot position, then corrected ETA 12-hours before vessel’s arrival at pilot position.

Rijeka Radio – Call sign 9AR, Split Radio 9AS. VHF CH 16/10.

The tide is mainly diurnal and rises up to 0.65 m (2′); however, the water level is much affected by weather conditions. During February-April the sea level may fall 0.5 m below normal. Currents are negligible. When entering the new basin at Gazenica, S and NW winds could affect navigation.

The harbor consist of two parts: the old port with 969 m of wharfage and 10 moorings, mainly used by coastal and passenger vessels of 6.7 m Max draft and the new Gazenica basin with four piers:

General cargo pier with 7 m maximum draft (fore), and 8 m maximum draft (aft).
Grain pier 11.6 m Max draft for discharging mostly soya beans.
New multi-purpose dry cargo pier, 144 m long, 8.5 m depth, mostly for handling wood.
Multi-purpose tanker berth with 9.7 m Max draft (fore) and 10.5 m Max draft (aft).

Open storage of 200.000 m2, warehousing of 31.500 m2 and refrigerated storage for fruit only of 3.500 m2, tanks for various liquids abt. (vegetable oils 25.000 m3, fuel oil 20.000 m3, derivatives 5.000 m3, chemicals 12.000 m3), spheres for VMC 9.000 m3.

As per port official information there are mobile cranes of 32 t, 40 t and 50 t capacity available.

Terminal for discharge of soya beans, 11.6 m depth, also used for handling grain, equipped with elevator 150 tons per hour capacity.
Storage capacity 80.000 MT. At same berth tanker discharging vegetable oils can berth with Max 11,5 m draft.

One berth at Gazenica, 8.7 m d (fore) and 10.7 m d (aft) for tankers up to 200 m long for handling crude oil, liquid fuels, various chemicals and vegetable oils. Tanker terminal is equipped with 6” connections, discharging rate 150-750 t.p.h.

One berth available at Gazenica with storage space of 9.000 m 3 . Equipped with three 4″ fast connections for VCM and 4″ flexible hose ASA300 vapour return line connections, discharging rate 250 -300 tons per hour.

Gazenica basin is the main Croatian base for offshore drilling operations in the Adriatic.

Ordinary repair could be carried out at shipyard Nauta Lamjana at Kali at Ugljan Island opposite to Zadar. Floating dock lifting capacity 8.600. Diver available. Minor repairs can be effected by local workshops.

One tug stationed in Zadar Gazenica port (1.472 kW).
Additional tug available from Rijeka (1.595 kW) with 10 hrs advance notice.