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Pier: Quay 1, berth 7, 8
Berths: 2
Length: 110 m
Draft: 8,80 m
Terminal area: 46.464 sqm
Covered warehouse: 2.000 sqm
Open warehouse: 153.925 sqm
One-time storage capacity: 20.000 sqm
Finishing works-saw mill: 100 cbm/day

Forklifts; 10
Tow mechanism: 7

Ploce port liquid cargo terminal

Berth: TTT „T“ Jetty
Lenth: 50 m
Number of berths: 1
Maximum draft: 10,2 m
Maximum LOA: 220 m
Maximum Beam: 28,0 m

Mooring during daylight only. Unmooring no restriction (subject to wind from NS not exceeding 10 m/s or from EW not exceeding 14 m/s).
Two tugboats launch boat and oil spill booms compulsory.

One-time storage capacity
Oil fuel: 40.000 m3
NaOH (55%): 17.000 m3
White products (gasoline D2 orthoxylene): 20.000 m3
Petrochemical products: 15.000 m3

Technical capacities of oil fuel
Shipping: 500 t/h
Reception: 1000 t/h

Technical capacities of NaOH
Shipping: 200 t/h
Reception: 400 t/h

Technical capacities of white products
Shipping: 350 t/h
Reception: 350 t/h

Technical capacities of petrochemical products
Shipping: 250 t/h

Container (project cargo) terminal

Pier: Quay 7, Berth N° 15
Length: 280 m
Depth: 15 m
Maximum draft: 14,00 m
Ro-Ro ramp width: 24 m
Storage area: 40.000 sqm

STS cont. TEREX crane: 1
Mobile crane FANTUZZI LHM 115: 1


Pier: Quay N° 5, berths: 11, 12, 13
Length: 510 m
Maximum draft: 14,50 m (berth 11), 12,70 (berth 12), 11,70 m (berth 13)
Storage capacity: 200.000 t
Number of berths: 3
Mooring for ships up to 77.000 DWT
Reloading capacity: 15.000 t/day
Loaders: 14 pcs
Bulldozer: 2 pcs
Shore cranes capacity 10 t: 5 pcs
Mobile crane capacity 63 t: 1 pcs
Mobile crane capacity 140 t: 1 pcs | Loaders: 14 pcs | Bulldozer: 2 pcs
Cargo: coal, bauxite, iron ore

Pier: Quay N° 8, berth N° 16
Maximum draft: 17,50 m
Maximum LOA: 300 m
Maximum beam: 46 m
Cargo air draft: 19,10 m (from pier dock level)
22,50 m (from Chart datum – MLLW Spring)
DWT: Handysize, Panamax, Cape size
Shore crane: one grab shipunloader
Discharging capacity: 2.000 t/hour
Mobile crane: 1
Discharging capacity: 400 t/hour
Tide difference: 0,10 - 0,60 m

Ploce general cargo terminal

Pier: Quay 3, berths 1, 2, 3
Berths: 3
Length: 410,00 m
Draft: 9,2 m
Number of berths: 3
Closed warehouse capacity: 35.834 m2
Open warehouse capacity: 153.925 m2
Shore cranes: 7 pcs
Mobile cranes (18 t capacity): 2
Forklifts (2 – 28 t capacity): 45pcs
Electric forklifts (1,2-2,5 t capacity): 2 pcs
Length of railway tracks: 5.600m


Pier: Quay N° 2, berths 4, 5, 6
Lenth: 270,00 m
Maximum draft: 9,70 m
One-time storage capacity: 35.000 t grain/sugar

Possible manipulations of cargo are:
- Ship – silos
- Silos – ship
- Wagon or road vehicle – silos
- Silos – wagon or road vehicle
- Direct manipulation: ship – vehicle and vehicle – ship over the traffic system

Silos for petroleum coke
One-time storage capacity: 10.000
Closed surface area: 2.700 sqm

One-time storage: 20.000 t

The alumina and petrochemical terminal comprises two distinct complexes, both employing state-of-the-art technology. The alumina terminal features a steel tank and accompanying transport infrastructure enabling seamless unloading from wagons into tanks, tank replenishment, and tank-to-ship discharge.
Meanwhile, the petrochemical depot is outfitted with a conveyor system utilizing conveyor belts and pressure rollers to ensure uninterrupted loading of railway wagons.


Ploce port is well sheltered, but SE and NE winds create hazards at Pier N° 3 and 5 respectively. To the S and SW of port lies the peninsula Peljesac, a natural breakwater. Entrance trough channel 0.8 km long. Free passage is marked by buoys. Navigation through channel Vlaska is allowed during daylight only with the assistance of 2 tugs.

Port of Ploce can accept eleven ocean-going vessels. There are specialized terminals for general, bulk, container, and liquid cargoes, timber, and livestock. Port of Ploce railway has connections to Sarajevo, Budapest, Prague and Bucharest, and excellent road connections to the hinterland and all parts of the country.

ploce port


Latitude: 43° 02′ N
Longitude: 17° 5′ E
Admiralty Chart: 3675
Admiralty Pilot: 47
Time Zone: GMT +1 h
Locode: HRPLE

Ploce anchorage width is 600 m with depth from 27 to 32 meters. Approaching channel to Quay N° 5 (shown on image) is over 14,000 m. Vessels are allowed to anchor W of the line which connects Konova cove on peninsula Peljesac with point Latitude: 43° 03′ N, Longitude: 017°24′ E on land coast.

Pilotage is compulsory for vessels over 500 GT, from the entrance of the channel to the berth. Pilot taken on 0,7 Nm outside port.

Freshwater supply | Freshwater in Ploce port is available alongside only.
Sludge disposal | Subject to actual quantity for disposal and approval from the port of Ploce authorities.
Bunker supply | Available alongside.
Supply | ISSA members available.
Towage | Two tugs (each 1200 HP) are compulsory at Ploce port tanker berth.
Airport | Distance from Dubrovnik to the port of Ploce is about 120 km and from Split to Ploce 135 km.
Railway | The railway is positioned inside the Ploce port area.

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