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Eldmarc LTD

Providing full agency, husbandry and protective agency services in Croatia

What we do?

Eldmarc’s extensive client portfolio and expertise in working with Port Authorities and other pertinent organizations guarantee a seamless and efficient experience for vessels during their stay in Croatian Ports and Shipyards. With a track record of numerous successful years in maritime agency services, you can have complete confidence in our unparalleled commitment to delivering a top-quality service.

We offer a Twenty Four (24) hour personal attendance service dedicated to our partners vessels covering:

A) Full Port Agency Services
• Vessels inward and outward formalities
• 24/7 vessel port stay attendance
• Continuous cargo report tailored to customer demand
• Cargo quantity and quality surveys, off hire surveys

B) Husbandry Services
• Crew change (including transfers, visas, accommodation and ticketing)
• Medical arrangements in port or at sea
• Spare parts Customs clearance and delivery services
• Spare parts transportation arrangements
• Forwarding arrangements
• Technical support, engineering services, ship repairs, dry docking, emergency repairs
• Underwater diving services and survey
• Ship chandlery, fresh provisions, deck and engine stores
• Bunker and fresh water arrangements
• Bilge and sludge removal
• Floating crane services
• Aerial vessel’s photography
• Legal support

C) Hub Agency
Consisting of full operational and financial services.

D) Protecting Agency
Subjecto to your requirements, our protective service can range from simple reports to full port call services.

E) Consulting
Knowing the local market we can always find the best and trouble free solution.

Always on Time

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