Brodosplit Shipyard is biggest Croatian shipyard with a long tradition and experience in designing and building various types of ships, always significant in their class. Brodosplit Shipyard is located in heart of Europe, in the northern part of Split, very close to one of the largest sea ports in Croatia. It is also some 20 km away from the international airport and 10 minutes from the center of the city.













Area of expertise:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore/onshore engineeringcarpentry
  • Industrial plant & engineering
  • Engine & machinery
  • Construction in civil engineering
  • Renewable energy
– Oil Product Tankers (range 45000 – 166000 DWT)
– Oil Product / Chemical tankers
– Oil Product tanker & Ro-Ro
– Bulk carriers
– Handy Orange Juice carrier
– Containers
Offshore / Onshore engineering
– Semi-submersible platforms of catamaran type
– Jack-up platforms and their vital parts (legs, pontoons
– Production platforms (jack-up type) for sea water depth up to 100 m
– Suction hopper dredgers for sea water depth 20-50m
– Floating industrial plants for all purposes
Renewable Energy
– Steel wind towers
– Height: 77m
– Dia:4300/2350mm
– Weight: 128t
– Each tower of 3 section
– Wind power plants 1,5MW
Industrial Plant & Engineering
– Processing industry factories and petrochemical plants
– Electrical power plants
– Wood industry plants
– Utility facilities
– Health protection facilities
– High tourism facilities
– Port plants