• The full name of the terminal is Special-purpose port – LNG Terminal Industrial Port, Omisalj-Njivice
  • The capacity of LNGC capable of berthing at the terminal – 3,500 cbm to 265,000 cbm
  • Total LNG storage capacity – 140,206 m3
  • Maximum transfer capacity from LNGC – 8,000 cbm/h
  • Nominal transfer capacity from LNG terminal to LNG vessel – 1,500 cbm/h
  • Maximum LNG regasification capacity (limited by gas transmission system capacity) – 300,000 cbm/h – 2,6 bcm/annually

The LNG terminal, with the selected FSRU vessel, can accept all LNGC, with a capacity between 3,500 cbm and 265,000 cbm which represent the total global fleet of LNGC vessels.

Pursuant to Article 49 Paragraph 1 of the Rules of operation, the allowed laytime for a standard cargo volume is 30 consecutive hours, and in the case where the volume of LNG being transferred is not a standard cargo volume, the operator and terminal user arrange longer or shorter allowed laytime, depending on the cargo volume.

The discharge rate from LNGC to FSRU is a minimum of 8.000 cbm/h. Administration and security protocols will take approximately 4 hours. During discharge, FSRU can regasify LNG on a maximum regas rate of 300.000 cbm/h. During the discharge, a minimum regas rate of 60.000 cbm/h should be nominated by Terminal User. According to Article 49. of Rules of Operation the allowed laytime for the standard cargo lot is 30 consecutive hours, and if the amount of LNG discharged is not a standard cargo lot, the Operator and the Terminal User shall agree on a longer or shorter allowed laytime, depending on the amount of cargo.

The terminal can accommodate vessels from 3.500 to 265.000 cbm, meaning that Q-Max and Q-Flex vessels as well as small-scale feeder vessels can be accommodated on Terminal.

Partial cargo discharge from the vessel is allowed. Accommodation of vessels with cargo amounts smaller than vessel gross capacity is allowed.

Standard size cargo can be discharged from LNGC to FSRU in 17,5 hours, including administration and security protocols it will take approximately 21,5 hours in total.