On 24th July 2015 new fish farm service vessel called MAROY VIKING built for the Norwegian company Moen Marin As from Trondheim was loaded onboard Mv Atlantic in Pula. The ship is 23.98 meters long and 11.2 meters wide and has a draft of 2.8 meters. Speed ​​of 11 knots powered by a motor of 735 kW. The vessel has two cranes, storage tank capacity is 50 cubic meters. Marøy Viking has a very comfortable accommodation for the crew, and it is intended for servicing farms and transport of food in one and transport of fish to the other direction. Maroy Viking is first from
series of three vessels for Moen Marin As.

In collaboration with our colleagues from Bandic Maritime, Eldmarc was appointed to provide all necessary services enabling Maroy Viking smooth loading and at same time Mv Atlantic trouble free stay of in Pula.