Croatia-based shipbuilder Uljanik confirmed that it signed a contract for the construction of a luxury cruise ship in Pula’s shipyard with the Australian company Scenic in November of 2015.
The cruise ship will be able to accommodate up to 240 passengers and 172 crew members. The vessel, scheduled to be delivered to its owner by 2018, will be 165.70m long and 21.50m width, and will resemble a yacht.

Uljanik also said it launched a tanker constructed for the Spanish company Marflet Marine at its 3. MAJ shipyard on January 29, 2016.

The vessel, named Panagia Thalassini, was released by Ana Tišlerić, an employee in the position of a constructor – project engineer.
Featuring a length of 182.9m, width of 32.2m and deadweight of 41,370 tonnes, Panagia Thalassini will transport crude oil, oil products and chemicals.

Source World Maritime News